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Fox News Remembers Aretha Franklin With Photo Of Patti LaBelle

A video on the network’s morning show mistakenly showed an image of LaBelle from 2014.

Omarosa’s New Book Says Ivanka Trump Hated ‘SNL’ Faux Ad For ‘Complicit’

The first daughter “couldn’t stop bemoaning it.”

Never Forget When Aretha Franklin Slammed Liz Smith For Body Shaming: ‘How Dare You’

The Queen of Soul shut down the New York Post writer after her comments about Franklin’s bosom.

Rihanna And Donald Glover Were Spotted Together In Cuba And Fans Are Flipping Out

The pair are reportedly working on a project called “Guava Island” with “This Is America” director Hiro Murai.

Celebrity Fans And Friends React To Aretha Franklin’s Death With Loving Tributes

The “Queen of Soul” died at her home on Thursday.

31 Photos To Commemorate Aretha Franklin’s Life And Music

The legendary singer, who died Thursday, rocked the music world for decades.

Aretha Franklin, The Undisputed ‘Queen Of Soul,’ Dead At 76

The Detroit singer is best known for R&B hits like “Respect” and “Think.”

This Viral Video With Bill Murray In The Background Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

“This happened because Bill Murray is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.”

‘The Daily Show’ Nails Why A Trump ‘N-Word’ Tape Would ‘Turn This World Upside Down’

“The last thing we need is his supporters hearing him say the N-word,” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said.

Tom Arnold Claims Donald Trump Called Son Eric The ‘R-Word’ On Alleged ’N-Word’ Tape

“Unfortunately, I know everything.”